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A Friend to All Cancer Patients in Puerto Rico



The Cancer and Health Foundation of Puerto Rico, Inc. (formerly known as the Association for the Fight against Cancer) is a non-profit organization established in Puerto Rico since 1945, conceived by Dr. Manuel de la Pila Iglesias. Born in 1882 in the city of Cádiz, Spain, de la Pila came to reside in Puerto Rico at the age of 3, and it was at the Colegio Central Ponceño were his early formation presaged a future full of strength, splendor and prosperity.



Ending Financial Hardship


Today, the Foundation is still firmly committed to ensuring that every patient, regardless of age, gender, condition or socioeconomic status receives access to high-quality treatment, without letting financial burdens hinder their healing process. Through the contributions made by their generous community, they have provided uninterrupted care to thousands of patients to allow them to face cancer head-on. If you’d like to learn more about Financial Support opportunities, please Contact the Foundation.

Linking the Community

Our team is committed to providing the most complete care to our patients, including access to valuable information that will improve your treatment and general quality of life. Here are some useful links to partner organizations and other entities that can guide you, provide financial assistance, education materials and more.

The Powerful San Cristóbal Network

Be confident in your care with the support and coverage offered by Grupo San Cristóbal through its powerful network of providers in Ponce, Villalba, Santa Isabel, Juana Díaz and more. Our comprehensive network of specialists meets the needs of each patient using a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach to ensure the highest quality healthcare and significantly improve the quality of life within our community.

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