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Thank you for entrusting your patient’s care to us. Our partnerships with health professionals in our communities are vital. We’ll keep you updated and collaborate with you on their ongoing care.

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Our new center is located at the venue of the old Andres Grillasca Oncological Hospital in Ponce, just minutes away from major highways and Ponce’s international airport.

The new San Cristóbal Cancer Institute is a beacon of hope for cancer patients and their families in Ponce and neighboring cities. Our dedicated team of experts is hard at work perfecting and delivering the most innovative and effective cancer detection and treatment options in the area. As stewards for our patients and loyal partners for our referring physicians, the San Cristóbal Cancer Institute team is at the forefront of local and national cancer care and on a mission to provide unmatched care for optimum patient outcomes.

The Most Advanced Cancer Care Center in Puerto Rico.

Grupo San Cristóbal has conducted tremendous industry research and invested aggressively in the newest and most sophisticated equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of cancers at our new center. Our forward-thinking approach to cancer treatment is supported by cutting-edge PET Scan machinery as well as the most advanced radiotherapy system available island-wide, in an effort to deliver the highest quality of care possible.

No More Waiting

Cancer doesn’t wait, and neither should your treatment. Our new, state-of-the-art center has the shortest lead time for patients in Puerto Rico. Our team of cancer specialists can quickly evaluate and start treatment, ensuring prompt care and providing better patient outcomes.

Seamless Referral Process

Using our convenient digital interphase, referring physicians can quickly direct patients to our center for fast treatment, with an efficient, fully HIPAA-compliant information transfer protocol. Our team is also available over the phone or on-site for walk-in patients with a qualified medical order.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We have aggressively invested in latest-generation cancer treatment, radiotherapy and imaging technology for a variety of applications, setting a new, higher standard for cancer care island-wide. Contact us today to find out about the cutting-edge tech to be unveiled at our center.

San Cristóbal
Cancer Patients.

Our cancer institute offers specialized cancer treatment through a multidisciplinary approach, meaning each patient benefits from the expertise of a team of professionals including medical, radiation and surgical specialists, pathologists, radiologists, nuclear medicine doctors, advanced practice nurses and other support staff. This approach encompasses a team of medical specialists who work closely together to determine the best possible treatment for each patient.

Information For
Health Professionals.

We work hard to provide ou partnering and referring physicians with updates on our cutting-edge technology, industry news and other expert insights to stay on top of the latest in cancer treatment and wellness. Through education resources, events and other dynamic information elements, we create an atmosphere of education and growth for everyone in our community.

A Strong
Support Network.

We know the word cancer strikes fear in many hearts. But we are here to face that fear with you head-on, with the expertise, technology, and compassion it takes to achieve the most winning outcomes possible. We believe in comprehensive care and we understand that the emotional support of having family by your side is some of the best medicine around.

Explore Treatment Options

Cancer is what we know best. At the heart of our approach is the idea that the best treatment for one patient may not be the right one for you. Learn more about how we diagnose and treat cancer, find out how we screen for and assess your cancer risk, and get educational materials as well as information on innovative treatments.

What To Expect

As a comprehensive cancer center, we’re not only thinking about your treatment. We’re also thinking about your whole experience — from the first steps of becoming our patient to active treatment to life beyond cancer — and all the needs you and your loved ones might have along the way.

Learn More About Cancer

Our knowledgeable team is dedicated to educating and empowering people with cancer, their caregivers, and the public. We know that navigating cancer care information can be overwhelming. That’s why our health education specialists work with doctors, healthcare providers, and other key players to develop accurate, clear, and reliable educational resources.

San Cristóbal Cancer Institute is proud to announce the inauguration of the highly anticipated SIGNA™ Architect machine in June, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to providing state-of-the-art medical imaging technology to our patients. This revolutionary machine represents a leap forward in diagnostic capabilities,......

Imaging techniques have become indispensable to the practice of oncology for screening programs, staging, diagnosis, early response measurement, and tumor surveillance during follow-up. At San Cristóbal Cancer Institute, we acknowledge the importance of early and precise detection. That’s why we apply advanced scanning technology to......

At San Cristóbal Cancer Institute we are committed not only to offering the best oncology technology available in the market, but also ensuring that our patients have the best possible experience during their treatment. We deeply believe that a holistic approach to cancer care can......

At San Cristóbal Cancer Institute, we are proud to debut the latest in TrueBeam® technology. This one-of-a-kind image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) system is used to treat cancer more effectively than any other system in the market, and is just one of the ways we aim......

The value of PET/CT in patient care is in the details—the more precise the information, the greater the potential for earlier diagnosis and a clearer treatment strategy. At San Cristóbal Cancer Institute, we believe in the power of early and precise detection. That is why......

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